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Office Blossom is a South African company that specialises in the manufacturing of artificial flower arrangements.

Our designs are unique, stylish and natural looking and range from classic, to contemporary, to traditionally South African and everything in between.


With a wide range of flowers, styles and colours, everybody will find something to their taste!


Due to the nature of our flower arrangements, you can expect the following advantages.

  • No flower maintenance
  • Silk flowers = no pollen = no risk of allergies (perfect for hospitals and doctors' offices)
  • Our flowers are held in their vases by a special setting resin that does not drip or spill – no mess

  • Our flowers are everlasting, therefore you will never have to clean up or throw away dry or wilting flowers and stagnant water.
  • Please contact us for further information:

    Our knowledgeable and helpful sales assistants will help you choose the best arrangements for your needs, or help you pick out the perfect combination of individual flowers.


    Please feel free to download our catalogue below.



    South Africa, Mpumalanga
    4 Grey street
    Cell: 076 710 6222
    Fax: 017 638 1940